7 Amazon FBA Product research hacks for sellers

Are you an Amazon FBA seller struggling to find profitable products? Do you want to increase your sales and profits by finding hidden gems that your competitors haven’t discovered yet? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We will go through all Amazon FBA Product research hacks.

In this article, we’ll share some product research hacks. That can help you find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA. You can also study Amazon products’ private label ideas.

Here are all the research hacks

  1. Use Google Trends: Google Trends is a powerful tool that can help you identify trending products and seasonal trends. By using Google Trends, you can see how often people are searching for certain products, and use this information to decide what to sell. For example, if you see that there’s a sudden spike in searches for “outdoor furniture,”. You might consider selling outdoor furniture on Amazon FBA.

  1. Use Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank (BSR): Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank is a great tool for product research. By looking at the BSR of different products in a particular category. You can get an idea of how well they’re selling. A low BSR indicates that a product is selling well, while a high BSR means that it’s not selling as well. You can use this information to identify products with high demand and low competition.
  2. Use Jungle Scout: Jungle Scout is a popular product research tool for Amazon FBA sellers. It allows you to search for products by keyword, category, or brand and provides data on sales volume, revenue, and other important metrics. With Jungle Scout, you can quickly identify profitable products and track your competitors’ sales.
  3. Check out social media: Social media can be a great source of product ideas. By looking at popular hashtags and posts related to your niche. You can see what products people are talking about and interested in. You can also use social media to gather feedback on your existing products and improve your offerings.
  4. Attend trade shows: Trade shows are a great place to find new products and suppliers. By attending trade shows related to your niche. You can meet with suppliers, see new products, and get a sense of what’s trending in your industry. You can also network with other sellers and get tips and advice on how to succeed on Amazon FBA.
  5. Use Amazon’s “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” feature: This feature on Amazon can help you identify related products that your customers might be interested in. By looking at the products that customers are buying along with your product. You can identify potential cross-selling opportunities and expand your product line.
  6. Check out review sites: Review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor can be great sources of product ideas. By looking at the reviews for businesses in your niche. You can see what products and services people are raving about. You can also use review sites to gather feedback on your existing products and improve your offerings.


Product research is crucial for success on Amazon FBA. By using the product research hacks we’ve shared in this article. You can identify profitable products, outmaneuver your competitors, and increase your sales and profits. So go out there, do your research, and start selling!

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